Franchising Consultancy
Franchising Consultancy

Franchising Consultancy

Marmara Temin Company aims to bring together many important brands with its Investors from many world brands or Turkey-based brands known in the sector and proven profitability. In line with this goal, we support investors in Turkey and abroad on the following issues.

- For our investors who want to assume franchising;

Conducting Market Analysis, Determining Consumer Demands

Determination of the most suitable Franchise Options for the Investor as a result of the Analyses

Planning Business Processes

Planning the budget required for the Activation of the Work

Preparing the Financial road map of the Business

Contributing to the display of the business’s products on Digital Platforms

Start-Up Programming

Providing continuous support after start-Up

- For our investors who want to grant franchise;

To carry out Advertising and Promotional activities for our Customers who want to grant Franchising, which we are sure of its quality in Turkey but who want to enter Foreign Markets.

Conducting market research

Filing of Franchising Presentation Files in the language of the targeted Foreign Market location

Translation Support

Marketing Support

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