Health and Aesthetics in Turkey
Health and Aesthetics in Turkey

Health and Aesthetics in Turkey

Turkey is hosting patients from all over the world with the advantage of being a country with hospitals with highly advanced technology and specialist physicians in the fields of Ophthalmology, Cancer Treatments, Cardiac Surgery, Dental Treatments, Gynecology, IVF Treatments, Hair Transplantation and Aesthetics, Orthopedics Surgery, Obesity Treatments.

Marmara Temin Company provides the following services to our patients who want to come to Turkey for their treatments;

-Interpretation about the Patient's Reports and Discomfort

- Investigating the Specialist Doctor on the Related Disease and Reporting to the Patient

- Making an appointment with the Preferred Healthcare Provider or Doctor

- Providing information on the ‘Medical Visa’, if necessary

- The patient's Airplane and Hotel Reservations are planned and organized according to the patient's preference.

-The Transfer of the Patient from the Airport to the Hotel and Transfer to the Hospital are organized.

-The patient can be given a SIM card to use in Turkey.

- Interpreting is provided during all procedures in the Healthcare Institution.

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