International Marriage, immigration and Work Permit Consultancy
International Marriage, immigration and Work Permit Consultancy

International Marriage, immigration and Work Permit Consultancy

Our company provides services to our customers in the following area

- International Marriage Proceedings:

Regardless of whether they are of the same or different nationality, the marriage application of two foreigners is also accepted by the marriage offices in Turkey. Immediately after the marriage in Turkey, an internationally valid “Family Record Booklet” is issued by the marriage officer.

For example; your marriage which was solemnized in the presence of a marriage officer in Turkey is recognized in Italy without any further action. You are not required to carry out registry procedures afterward.

This way, even if you marry a citizen of a country that is not a member of the Hague Agreement in Turkey, you can apply for a family visa in any country that is a member of the Hague Agreement with your marriage certificate that you will receive from the Turkish authorities. For example; the marriage certificate that a German citizen and an Iranian citizen will receive as a result of their marriage in Turkey will also be valid in Germany. The couple can then apply for a family residence permit in Germany through this document.

Marmara Temin Company directs you correctly in your official procedure related to international marriage and ensures that you carry out your procedures in the most formal and fastest way. In addition, if you wish, we can offer you a wedding package service for celebrations, meal organization, accommodation, transportation, etc.


-Family Residence Permit

It is a residence permit granted to foreigners who are married to Turkish citizens. Or it is a type of residence given to the foreign spouse and minor children of foreigners who have one of the residence permits. The family residence permit is for a maximum of three years from the date of application.

Marmara Temin Company; ensures that your transactions are in conformity with the Formality by preparing your residence permit file, following your residence permit file, performing the necessary translation and notarization procedures, paying your taxes, fees and card fees, obtaining a valid health insurance policy and by guiding you correctly in all processes.

-Student Residence Permit

It is the type of residence permit required for students who are foreign nationals in Turkey and are affiliated with the Higher Education Institutions and enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and associate degree programs. Foreign students enrolled in universities can obtain a student residence permit which will cover the entire duration of their education.

Marmara Temin Company can support you to carry out your student residence permit application in accordance with the procedures, from your application to the result of your residence.

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