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Real Estate Consulting

Real Estate Consulting

The regulation on the implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law has recently been amended. The new regulation requires a minimum real estate investment of 400,000 USD, with the condition that the real estate cannot be sold within the next 3 years. The investment option, which was 250 thousand USD before the regulation, is increased to 400 thousand USD. Foreigners who provide the specified investment option can obtain Turkish Citizenship (T.R.) for both themselves and their families in 2022. It is estimated that this amount will increase further in the coming processes.

In addition, until today, foreigners who wanted to live in Turkey could apply for a residence permit by renting a house. With a new circular sent by the Ministry of Interior to the Directorate of Immigration Administration, it has become compulsory for foreigners to own property in Turkey to apply for a residence permit in Turkey.

As of April 27, 2022, for foreigners to obtain a residence permit in Turkey as real estate owners, they must have invested at least 75,000 USD in metropolitan areas and at least 50,000 USD in small cities.

Marmara Temin Company; offers the most advantageous projects completed and ongoing in Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara and Antalya to investors who want to acquire citizenship through an investment or to apply for residence through investment thanks to its partnerships with partner companies with important projects.

Marmara Temin Company helps our investors who want to acquire citizenship through an investment or who want to apply for residence in all processes from the submission of appropriate projects to the follow-up and completion of all relevant processes. 

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