University Education in Turkey
University Education in Turkey

University Education in Turkey

Turkey has become an educational center offering quality higher education to foreign students from many parts of the world. Numerous state, foundation and private universities offer many alternatives for foreign students to achieve their ideals. Thousands of International Students from many countries of the world prefer Turkey for their education.

Turkey, which is included in the European Higher Education Area, implements the Bologna Process perfectly and since its Bologna report card is 5 out of 5, the diploma you will receive from a university in Turkey is recognized in all European countries and offers significant advantages to international students in their academic and business careers. In addition, Turkey is one of the most successful countries participating in the Erasmus+ exchange program.

There are 208 universities in Turkey. There are more than 8 million students in these universities. With this number of students, Turkey is the first country with the highest number of students in the European Higher Education Area. There are more than 45,000 programs in 208 universities. With so much diversity, you will surely find a university and department that suits you. In addition, foreign students who have completed their Bachelor's Degree in their own country can apply to the Master's and Doctorate departments.

Foreign Students have the chance to study at university in Turkey without an exam. They can receive an education without taking the Foreign Student Exam. Universities have special quotas for foreign students. Marmara Temin Company shows the paths that foreign students who want to apply for university education in Turkey should follow.

Marmara Temin provides the following services to students who want to pursue university and graduate education in Turkey.

* Applying for Diploma Equivalence before coming to Turkey and making your appointment

* Greeting at the airport and organizing accommodation

* Initiating University registration procedures for Foreign Students

* Finding dormitory or rental house for accommodation

* To prepare the translation of the required documents

* Opening a bank account

* To ensure that appropriate procedures are followed in the application for the Residence Permit of Foreign Students and to provide consultancy services at every step until the completion of the process.

* Obtaining the necessary Health Insurance for the Residence Permit

* Introducing the university and the region where the university is located. Providing the necessary information

* Providing support if needed even after completion of all processes

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